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Questions about the ManukaSea™ 3 Step Regime.

Can ManukaSea™ be used on sensitive skin?


Our range is hypoallergenic and reactions are virtually nonexistent.

Do you offer samples?

Unfortunately we don't offer samples, however, we totally understand that users with sensitive skin are always cautious to try something new. We do offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarentee.

Can the ManukaSea 3 Step be used on sensitive skin?

General instructions

While you’ll see immediate results, our regime's ingredients go to work at the cellular regrowth level of your skin, therefore, the full benefits will generally take around 2 – 3 months to surface.

Please follow the directions for use included on the label of each product. Here are some additional pointers that will assist you in achieving 'the best' results. After scrubbing with your Sea Salt Scrub as directed, add a little water to your hands and apply it to the scrub on your face.

You’ll notice the crystals break down and as you continue to massage, this dual purpose product will serve as a cleanser. You'll be pleased to know that our ManukaSea Moisturiser doubles as an eye cream, so say goodbye to bulky, time consuming 5 and 6 step programs.

How long will a set last?

Our 3 Step Regime has been designed to last 30 days, however, some customers are getting double that (depends on how much is used and frequency).

How often should I use each product?

We don't have a hard fast rule set. Some actually use the scrub twice, others just once a day.

When you add a little water to our scrub it becomes a cleanser so it's a duo product. Our moisturiser doubles as an eye cream also. Some customers use our mask morning and night (very thin and fast) while others use it heavy just twice a week.

We recommend using the 3 Step Regime morning and night for the first week. From there you may adjust the regime to better suite your own lifestyle and skin type, however, daily use is recommended.

Is ManukaSea suitable for age groups?

While our range resonates with the more mature demographic, we have users in their teens who are loving the results and all the ages in between.

It's basically because Manuka honey works on the skin... Regardless of age.

What are the 3 Step product sizes?

1. Sea Salt Scrub 100g 2. Manuka Marine Mask 100g 3. ManukaSea! Moisturiser 100g

Where’s the toner/eye cream?

While we could add to our 3 Step, regular use of our regime eliminates the need for a specialised toner.

Our scrub becomes a cleanser when you add a little water to it on your face and our moisturiser doubles as an eye cream.

Say goodbye to the 6 or 7 products you used to use and spend just minutes, not hours treating your skin each day.


Questions about ordering.

How do I include special delivery instructions?

Enter your special message in the "Notes and special requests" box (immediately below the "Confirm Purchase" button on the check out page).

I don’t have a credit card, how else can I order?

Phone order
If you have a credit card but don’t like using web sites call 1300 665 443 and leave your name, shipping address and contact details. If required we will call you to take your details over the phone.
Direct Deposit
Our bank account details:
Bank name: ANZ
ACC name: Includa Pty Ltd
BSB number: 014227
ACC number: 478202007
This is the parent company of ManukaSea.
Please be sure to include your name in the message/reference field.
Cheque or money order:
Please make cheque or money order payable to:
Includa Pty Ltd
Post to: ManukaSea
PO Box 403
Queensland 4209

Is your site secure?


Your security is of the utmost importance to us at ManukaSea. To this end we have invested heavily into the latest technologies to protect your security. Some of the security measures in place to protect your data.Fully identity verified Verisign/Norton SSL certificate encrypts all customer/client information.

Our site receives daily Norton Malware Scan and Vulnerability Assessments.

Card processing is conducted by eWay - Australia's leading payment gateway which utilises intelligent fraud prevention.

Security measures in place to restrict physical access to our dedicated servers.24x7 manned security.

Proximity card and biometric access points at the main entrance to the data centre, access through the man trap, access to the data hall and access to the private suite.

Strict no key policy for each rack, racks can only be opened by the data centre security once identity and relevant access has been confirmed.

All access is recorded and documented for every visit via the proximity card and biometric devices.

Only our staff have access to the servers.

Video monitoring is monitored 24x7 for unauthorised access.

Video monitoring is recorded and stored.

Log in issues

This can be because you are an anonymous customer (you haven't created a profile) or because you’ve tried to log in using an incorrect password/email address.

Anonymous Customer
If you have ordered from us but have not as yet checked the “Create Profile” check box, you do not have a profile with us.

What is a Profile?

If you did click on “Create Profile” you would have been asked to choose a password. In this instance a profile will have been created for you. A profile allows you to use your email and password to log into our site where your account details, address and order history are stored for quick access and speedy reordering.

Incorrect password
If you have created a profile but can’t login it is more than likely that you’re not using the password or the email address you specified when you registered.

If you have lost your password you can trigger a password reset by simply clicking on the “Forgot password?” link located at the bottom right of the log in page which is reached by clicking “Sign in” at the top/right of any page of our shopping cart.

Returns & replacements

100% Money Back Guarantee:

We are so convinced that you will love ManukaSea! Magic™ we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.Try them and see!

If they do not perform according to your expectations, we will refund your money any time within 30 days of purchase (Just return the unused portion within 30 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund.

There is no refund on shipping costs). There is no refund on Jeweluka Jewellery.

Where else can I buy ManukaSea™ products?

At this point our products are only available online via this site.

We offer multiple payment methods including PayPal, Direct Deposit, Cheque and Money Order plus there's a full 100% money back guarantee.

We can call to take payment details over the phone if you prefer.

We take this opportunity to wish you a super-successful ManukaSea™ experience. Here's to your more youthful and glowing skin.