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MX Manuka Honey

Manuka eXtreme MX® manuka honey is pure and natural manuka honey that's produced according to exacting standards.

ManukaSea™ relies heavily on ‘natures cure all’ and to ensure that we use only the very best manuka honey available,
it must meet strict MX® criteria.

Now, due to popular demand we are delighted to bring you manuka honey of the same standard in purity and quality.

ManukaSea! Magic™ MX® Manuka Honey contains eXtreme activity, tastes great and offers amazing value for money.

MX® 5+ Entry level manuka honey with some health promoting benefits.

MX® 8+ Known to contain beneficial concentrations of health promoting NPA activity.

MX® 10+ Recommended for increased vitality and immunity.

MX® 12+ Strong antibacterial activity.

MX® 15+ High antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity.

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Manuka Honey Health Benefits

"...Manuka Honey is one of those products that every household in Australia should have..."

- Dr Shona Blair, Microbiologist.